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Growth Strategies Business Coaching is a proven process that focuses on teaching business owners how to do business "smarter"
Frequently Asked Quetions
Do I really need business coaching?
Does an athlete really need a coach to be a winner? Coaching and mentoring has been around forever because it works; and it’s only becoming more important in the fast-paced, highly competitive world of the 21st Century. How else can you keep on top of all the advancements happening in your market? Business coaching gives you experience, knowledge, and skills you need right now to get where you want to go, from a source who is committed to and honest about your performance. Where else can you get qualified, unbiased information and advice? With a business coach by your side, you get more results for your time, energy, and resources. If you want to get more out of business and out of life, then yes, you really do need business coaching.

How do I know this will work in my industry and in my business?
Growth Strategies has a proven process for advancing you business regardless of what kind of business it is or what industry it’s in. Our expertise in sales, marketing, business development, business management, and team building covers the complete business spectrum. Secondly, like any good coach in any field, Growth Strategies helps you focus inward, where you will find untapped and under-utilized potential within yourself; so, if you are committed to success, our system will help you get their faster. Last but not least, Growth Strategies Business Coaches have a range of experience in many industries and tap into their extensive network of business contacts and access industry insider know-how applicable to your business.

How do I get started with One-on-One Coaching?
Getting started couldn’t be easier: simply Contact Us. We’ll send you a brief questionnaire and arrange a meeting to assess your needs, determine how best we can help you, and if we determine that there is a fit we can then decide which of our business coaching programs is right for you. Every business owner has found this meeting to be powerful and insightful in itself: guaranteed an hour well spent and at no cost to you other than your time.

Once I get started, what happens in One-on-One Coaching?
Depending on your business needs, your goals, and the program you’ve chosen to achieve them, you will meet with your business coach several times a month and stay in touch with them at other times via email and/or by telephone. They will work with you on an ongoing basis providing access to and instruction on templates, forms, and tools you need to advance your business. Beyond that, we couldn’t begin to list all the possibilities, since every one-on-one business coaching engagement is unique. The short answer is, whatever happens during your program will be focused on helping you meet your goals.

Does this mean more work for me?
At first it may seem like more work because advancing your business will require you to focus on upgrading existing systems and possibly adding new tools as needed. You will quickly begin to appreciate this new-found focus, however, and as the business advances begin to take hold, you will find yourself getting more done in the same or even less time than ever before. Our focus is to assist you in making the right decisions that in turn have you work smarter not harder.

Where will I find the time?
The first few months will require more investment of your time, not so much due to meetings or because there is all sorts of more work to be done, but because of the new tasks you will be performing to advance your business. Remember that you’re not alone—your Growth Strategies Coach will be there guiding you through the process, showing you how to get more work done with less effort. Once you get past this initial ramp-up period and the advances to your business start shifting into high gear, you may even find yourself working fewer hours (if you wish). It’s not about working harder or working more; it’s about working smarter. We’ll show you how and help you get there sooner.

What’s all this going to cost?
Advancing your business is not a cost, it’s an investment. In much the same way that heat and hydro is a cost, but a high efficiency furnace and insulating your home is an investment. Advancing your business is no different: your business becomes more efficient, increases in value, and is a lot more comfortable and easier to live with. Add to all this the fact that your business can become more profitable and allow you to work less for greater rewards, and the word "cost" begins to have no meaning whatsoever. For as little as $350 a month up to $2,800 a month you can begin working with a Growth Strategies Business Coaching.

Is there a guarantee?
The nature of business coaching makes it impossible to offer a guarantee per se; after all, consider the old cliché: you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink. Also consider how unforeseen events could adversely affect performance at no fault of the business coach. No, there are simply too many wildcards in play to offer a guarantee as such. Having said that, Growth Strategies does make this pledge: we stand behind our clients 100%. Here’s what that means, practically speaking: as long as you are committed to working with your business coach, Growth Strategies will be there to help you achieve your goals. If those goals change, we will adapt. If the market shifts suddenly or takes a whole new direction, we will help you adapt.

My business is currently losing money; I know I need your help but how I can afford your program? Let’s face it: if you had unlimited resources our work together would result in quicker results; but your situation is not that unique. We have worked through this situation more times than not. Our experience and the process we bring are tailored to your specific needs. With cash flow being an immediate issue all efforts will be focused on turning your situation around by looking at a number of different strategies that will fit your budget. You may think you have looked at every possible solution but our coaches have had amazing results with almost nothing to start.

OK, when do we start?
There’s no time like the present. Contact Us today.
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