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Your Growth Strategies Business Coach is your experienced, objective guide in growing your business to its highest level of profitability
See where others are going with Growth Strategies Business Coaching.

"Growth Strategies has brought more purpose and better focus to our company. I have always been a planner and take pride in knowing what direction I want to take but on occasion find myself caught up in the day-to-day. My weekly sessions with Growth Strategies keep me focused on the business in general and hold me accountable to achieving our long term goals.

Being able to draw on the experience available through our relationship with Growth Strategies has been invaluable. Having a second opinion and the use of a sounding board on key issues has given me the confidence to move my business forward quicker and with less risk. There is no question Growth Strategies provide excellent value. Our relationship continues to be, without doubt, money well spent."
- Joe Mota, President
Dylis Innovative Systems Inc.

"The sports coaches I had when I was younger had tremendous impact on me. They taught, instructed, challenged, inspired and pushed me. Growth Strategies business coaching has had a similar effect on me as a business owner. They helped us perform a thorough and comprehensive analysis of our company, noted our strengths and targeted those areas requiring more attention and planning.

Once the plans were in place our weekly coaching sessions kept us focused and enabled us to make the changes that were needed.

To say that Growth Strategies helped save our company would be an understatement. If you are coachable and your company is in need of a turn-around, a direction, a mentor, an inspiration, a confidant, and a push, I can think of no better Business Coaching organization than Growth Strategies. I would stake my company’s life on it, and I did!"
- Jim Wilson, Partner
Exhibit Connections

"Growth Strategies has been very helpful to our company, through our weekly meetings we have been setting goals and steadily growing. Our communication has improved and as we progress our organizational skills are getting stronger."
- Michael Mulligan, President
Mulligan Woodworking Limited

"Since Mulligan Woodworking Limited started working with Growth Strategies we have gone from a company that focused on the present day to a company that is working six months to a year down the road."
- Helen Mulligan, Finance
Mulligan Woodworking Limited

"I’m an ideas guy with an MBA. That basically means my business works great in theory. Thanks to the knowledge, experience and guidance of my business coach, I am finally on my way to getting a business that works great in practice. And for me, that’s the difference between being a struggling entrepreneur and living the life of a successful business person. Growth Strategies Business Coaching works for me."
- Attila Lendvai, Senior Partner

"Since engaging the services of my Growth Strategies Business Coach I feel better equipped to handle the day-to-day issues of normal business life. I have improved my marketing and communication skills and now have more time for myself, which has always been a challenge.

I would not hesitate to recommend Growth Strategies Business Coaching to any business owner who wants to improve the performance of their business."
- Michelle D’auteuil
Janine Beauty Care

"Growth Strategies has been instrumental helping us put in place the proper systems and structure to grow our business’ bottom line. Our regular coaching sessions keep us accountable for meeting our company objectives and always moving the business forward. Brian’s experience in business and real estate investing have been key in helping our company grow and become the leading company offering Rent to Own investment properties."
- Alex Klug
Home Owner Soon

"Business coaching proved to be a wise investment. Brian was always there for me when I needed him. His insights and business development projects have helped not only grow my property management and contracting business, but also to dramatically improve my systems in order to increase profits and efficiency. Thanks so much."
- Michelle Thorn
Ethical Property Management

"Brian's coaching approach has assisted me with gaining a greater understanding of my strengths and weaknesses. His guidance and support have helped me stay focused towards my goals while building a solid business foundation. My confidence in attracting and working with Joint Venture partners has been most valuable in moving forward with my Real Estate business. Brian's ability to communicate and share from his experiences to assist with a variety of current situations makes him a valuable member of my real estate team!"
- Andrew Benedict
Real Estate Investor

"It was not long before I was overwhelmed with the ton of great and very valuable information I was learning at the REIN seminars. The momentum I gained in my 6 years of investing prior to becoming a REIN member slowly started fading away, mainly because I allowed myself the luxury of many distractions and lost focus on what I was doing.

I had the pleasure to meet Brian shortly after joining REIN. Last year I decided that it was time to focus, and I hired Brian to help me regain that focus.

Brian's coaching approach as well as the tools he has provided enabled me to regain and maintain focus on my business, as well as take better control of my finances. My days are now spent making positive gains in my business rather than chasing every new shiny idea.

Joining REIN proved to be extremely important for my business. Combining the information with the tools and the focus that Brian brings to the table, it is almost impossible to fail."
- Tom Namestnik

"Brian’s coaching helped me grow my business in so many ways. With his guidance I was able to become an expert in tenant placement. We are now working together as I grow my real estate investment business and with his knowledge and experience I have no doubt I can achieve my goals."
- Carrie Koch
Nice Guy Properties

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