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Group Real Estate Investment Coaching

WANTED - Real Estate investors looking to take action NOW!
  • Are you interested in buying Real Estate but struggling with where to start?
  • Have you missed out on investment opportunities because you were worried your inexperience might result in a massive blunder costing you thousands of dollars?
  • Do you already have properties but find yourself completely overwhelmed trying to stay on top of everything?
  • Are you missing that mentor who could guide you through the perils of real estate investing?
  • Are you committed to changing this? Are you prepared to take action? Are you ready for success?
If the answer to these questions is YES then my Time For Action Coaching Group is for you!

Regardless of whether you are a novice investor or a veteran, my program is set up to bring together small groups of like-minded investors such as yourself, who are committed to taking action.

Action makes more fortune than caution
- Luc De Clapiers -

Time For Action Coaching Group is a safe casual environment. We will work through the challenges that are preventing you from moving forward and keeping you from building incredible wealth. By supporting each other to obtain maximum results, you will be propelled to levels of financial and personal success that could take years to reach on your own.

Program Details
  • Six month Program
  • Curriculum covered…
    • Defining Your Goals (Why do you want this?)
    • Identifying the business fundamentals to set up a solid foundation
    • Building your dream real estate investing team
    • Identifying those areas where you should buy (Top 10 towns)
    • Clarifying what you should buy (single family, multi-family homes etc)
    • Discovering how you can buy (on your own or through a JV partner)
    • Managing your growth (business management 101)
    • What’s next? Defining your action plan; both short and long term
  • Group meets once a month for a 3-hour power session
  • Each investor also gets
    • one 30 minute personal one-on-one coaching session with me (Brian Pulis) per month
    • Phone and email access
  • Time and location will be determined within the group
So I know what you are thinking. How much is this going to cost me? While others are charging upwards of $1500 for such services, I remember what it was like to start out. I was hungry for knowledge, but tight on extra income. So keeping this in mind, I am offering my expertise at a price that serious investors can afford.

Time For Action Coaching Group will only cost $395/month. That works out to $2370 for the six months. By following the principles I will be covering, you will easily recoup that investment and much more in the first few months.

So are you ready for success? Don’t delay, take action Now!

For more information please provide the information below and sign up.

Brian Pulis has been an entrepreneur for 25 years establishing several successful businesses and has been investing in Real estate since 2002. Since then he has built up a Real Estate investment portfolio in five top ten Ontario towns. During this time he has both experienced and witnessed the disabling effect of stress and fear that is common among investors and entrepreneurs. His Real estate investments permit him to follow his passion of helping others realize their potential.
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